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As a future driver or guardian of a future driver, you know the importance of selecting a driving school that is safe, uses certified instructors, and offers classes that prepare you or your child to function properly and safely BEHIND THE WHEEL. While there are a lot of options for driving schools, few of them are as equipped to educate and protect you as BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVING SCHOOL.

At BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVING SCHOOL, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive instruction available, combined with personalized attention. By utilizing the latest techniques, up-to-date resources and videos, we guarantee each student receives the training required to become a safe driver. Students are taught the nuances of operating a motor vehicle, and are made aware of the responsibilities they assume when they obtain a drivers license.

BEHIND THE WHEEL DRIVING SCHOOL offers the following benefits:

  • Pickup from home or school
  • Certified Instructor
  • Teen Driver On the Road and Classroom Instruction and Certification
  • Vehicle with Instructor Controls
  • Automobile Insurance Discounts Eligibility
  • Defensive Driving Courses for Teens and Mature Drivers

In our classes we explore such topics as the effects of emotions, attitudes and peer pressure on driving. We also address legal and financial concerns, as well as the deadly effects of alcohol and other drugs on motorists.

We look forward to working with you to meet your individual needs.

Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction

Student with License

Enroll today and learn to Drive from Behind The Wheel with one of our certified driving instructors

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Pre-Permit Test Instruction


Ready to get your learners permit? Enroll today and get pre-permit testing instruction with one of our certified instructors

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Conveniently located in Pass Christian, Mississippi, offering both day & evening classes, we make driving school easy, safe & fun!

Behind The Wheel Driving School Safe Driving for Life
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